What is Mobile Application Security?

Mobile phones and its applications allow trillions of users to connect with rest of the world. Surveys confirmed that mobile technology will remain a disrupting force for the next ten years.

The objective of the mobile application security review is to identify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that may lead to remote code execution, access control issues, information disclosure and other security concerns. We test the security of the mobile application by deploying and reviewing the application in our simulated test environment and on a physical device.

Why Your Company Need It?

Secure Loopholes will assist your Company/Organization to ensure security of your mobile applications that are deployed in Devices by extensive security testing in various mobile platforms. We use the guidelines issued by Mobile OWASP Top 10 as well as we use proprietary test methodology and guidelines. We work closely with your team in assuring security of mobile applications right through the complete product life cycle.


  • Pre-Engagement

    In this section we will discuss about timelines, scoping, location, time of the day to test and other such requirement to start the assessment

  • Intelligence Gathering

    In this section we will perform active and passive information gathering. This will depend on the type of engagement, if it is External/Internal

  • Vulnerability Analysis

    In vulnerability analysis phase we will try to discover flaws in applications, both via static and dynamic analysis, which can be leveraged by an attacker. These flaws can range anywhere from hard-coded creds, sensitive data storage in device to privilege escalation, RCE

  • Exploitation

    The exploitation phase will involve taking all potential vulnerabilities identified in the previous phases of the assessment and attempting to exploit them as an attacker would.

  • Report

    Provide recommendation and conduct debrief of identified vulnerabilities

  • Revalidation

    Once the fix is implemented re-test for identified vulnerability is done to make sure if the fix has been implemented or not.




Open Web Application Security Project (Mobile Security Testing Guide)


The National Institute of Standards and Technology


Penetration Testing Methodologies and Standards

Benefits For Your Business

  • An inclusive view of the strengths and weaknesses in your mobile environment
  • Insights into the worst-case scenario if an attacker were to effectively break into your mobile application.
  • Heightened protection of data and sensitive information against attainment and alteration by malware, viruses and active human attacks.
  • Allowing you to assess the security of new mobile technologies prior to distribution
  • Generating user awareness